Issue Brief on “Afghanistan: US-Russia cooperation necessary but nearly impossible”


At least 20 Afghan policemen were killed in Taliban ambushes in south central Afghanistan, officials said on May 21, 2017. The latest in a string of insurgent attacks that come as the NATO-led military mission considers sending thousands of additional troops to the war-torn nation.[1] Meanwhile, a German aid worker and an Afghan guard were killed and a Finnish woman kidnapped as armed men stormed an international guesthouse in central Kabul.[2]

The future prospects for Afghanistan remain bleak as the state is becoming increasing fragile mainly due to the increasing internal divide among different ruling factions and the resurgence of the Afghan Taliban. The US-Russian cooperation on this issue is imperative, but it seems highly unlikely at the moment. Russia, China and Pakistan are making regional efforts to establish peace and stability in the war-torn country, but these efforts are undermined by the constant negative Indian involvement in the country, trying to sabotage all efforts done to achieve tranquillity in Afghanistan and the over-reliance of the Afghan government on the United States of America.

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