Issue Brief on “An Assessment of Pakistan’s ‘Engage Africa’ Policy”


Embracing the title of the ‘Continent of the Future,’ Africa stands at the forefront of global anticipation. Driven by its compelling economic potential, attractive investment opportunities, abundant natural resources, and a high percentage of the young population, it represents a vibrant force shaping the trajectory of tomorrow. For nations like Pakistan, which are focused on a shift to geo-economics, Africa stands out as a land of immense opportunities. Despite maintaining cordial relations, trade figures between Pakistan and African nations have remained modest, at around $6 billion. Nevertheless, Pakistan’s ‘Engage Africa’ Policy underscores a commitment to prioritize economic outreach to the African continent.

Both Pakistan and African nations hold distinct geostrategic importance, with Africa’s strategic location facilitating global trade. Pakistan and Africa share numerous similarities, having both confronted historical challenges such as poverty, inflation, and unemployment. Currently, they are actively working towards stabilizing their respective regions to overcome these common obstacles.

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