Issue Brief on “Assessing Biden’s National Security Strategy 2022”


With almost closing two years in the Oval Office Biden administration recently released its National Security Strategy 2022[1] document on October 12, 2022, representing its view on the greatest and gravest challenges to America. The document is an extension of the Intern National Security Strategic Guidance[2] report that came out last year in March. The 48-pager document starts with the reclamation of the US as the center of power around the globe with a clear shift from President Trump’s ‘America First’ approach to ‘reclaim American leadership’ throughout the globe.

Theoretical Architecture of an NSS Document:

The National Security Strategy (NSS) is a legislatively mandated document that every President of the US publishes after coming into office to demarcate important policy-based areas. The first NSS Document was published under President Reagan’s administration in1987 setting a total of 19 National Security Strategy documents published since. Two during Reagan’s administration; three during George H. Bush’s administration; seven during Clinton’s administration; two during George W. Bush’s administration; two during Obama’s tenure; one under Donald Trump; and two under the current administration in 2021 and 2022.[3]

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