Issue Brief on “Assessing Global Nuclear Energy Trends”


Two recent developments have brought a renewed focus on nuclear energy and other sources of renewable energy. One is the disastrous consequences of Climate Change and the second one is the global energy crisis brought on by the Ukraine conflict and the disruption of energy supplies from Russia. Many countries are rethinking their nuclear energy policies. There are renewed debates on expanding nuclear energy potential. There are many advantages to nuclear energy generation but there are also some reservations about relying too much on nuclear energy.

The world is attempting to transition its energy generation away from fossil fuels toward low-carbon sources of energy. There are several renewable energy sources – hydropower, wind, solar and nuclear power. Nuclear energy is a very attractive option since it emits very little CO2 per unit of energy production. It also causes less air pollution compared to fossil fuels. While a lot of countries across the world are increasing their share of nuclear energy, others are still skeptical over the safety and security of nuclear power plant operations. It is thus prudent to look at the global nuclear energy trends, opportunities and challenges.

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