Issue Brief on “At UNGA 2022,Climate Crisis and floods in Pakistan Took the Centre Stage “


The 77th United Nations General Assembly (UNGA 2022)  was held in New York on September 13-27. Major themes of the summit were increasing energy prices, food insecurity and the crisis in Pakistan due to climate change. Climate action was at the forefront of UNGA after a year when climate-related impacts continued to make headlines. This year has brought record-high temperatures and a steadily increasing number of severe droughts.[1]

Moreover, the UNGA on October 7th 2022, unanimously adopted a resolution urging donor nations and institutions to provide full support to rehabilitation and reconstruction efforts in Pakistan. The resolution, co-sponso­red by 159 countries, urges the international community, in particular donor countries, international financial institutions and relevant international organisations, as well as the private sector and civil society, to extend full support and assistance to Pakistan in its efforts to mitigate the adverse impacts of the floods and to meet the medium- and long-term rehabilitation and reconstruction needs.[2]

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