Issue Brief on “Brexit: A Hard Pick for Theresa May”


Prime Minister Theresa May insists that Britain will quit European Union and no parliamentary rejection of the agreement will halt the exit.  Her declaration of Brexit has finally made it clear to several speculations that Britain is seeking ‘half in and half out deal’. She called it her “manifesto for change” which would help Britain have the control of its destiny in its own hands, like it was prior to joining the European Union. It will be more “Global Britain” true to its “internationalist” history.

May, however, has agreed to publish a Government “white paper” policy document listing her objectives for the forthcoming departure negotiations with European leaders as a major concession for anti-Brexits. They wanted a repeat of the referendum if the MPs vote against the Brexit in the parliament as a consequence of the Supreme Court’s ruling. The ruling has referred to the parliament on Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, which sets out the arrangements for the withdrawal of the member state from the Union.

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