Issue Brief on “British Elections: Cementing Theresa May’s Premiership”


A little less than a year into the Brexit referendum, Britain will head to the polls once again. On April 18, Theresa May left the public and parliamentarians astounded as she called for general elections to be held on the June 8, 2017. Amidst national debates around the nature of Britain’s exit from the EU resonating throughout the parliament and public spheres, an election call has political parties struggling to rally electoral support.

Polls suggest that Theresa May’s genius reflected in the call for election will see the Conservative Party strengthen their hold over the reins in the parliament. It was with this very intention to channel uniform support over her Brexit agenda in the light of intensified polarization that May announced her decision. Formerly, having campaigned for the ‘remain’ camp, May has taken up an ‘out means out’ stance since accepting premiership of the United Kingdom. She has made clear, in no uncertain terms, that Britain is sure to withdraw from the Union after assuredly striking the ‘best deal’ possible. Her stance for Brexit includes:[1]

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