Issue Brief on “China Rethinks International Communications Strategy”


Chinese leadership has directed adjustments in the confrontational diplomatic style and media tone pursued in recent years. President Xi Jinping, during a study session of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee (the core policy-making group in China) called for renewed efforts to revamp China’s international image to enable the country to “expand its circle of friends”. President Xi stressed on paying “attention to a good grasp of the tone…be open, confident and humble…portray an image of a credible, lovely, respectable China”. For this President Xi directed enhancing China’s “capacity for engaging in international communication”.[1]

At this study session Prof. Zhang Weiwei, Director of the China Institute of Fudan University in Shanghai and English interpreter for Chinese former leader Deng Xiaoping, delivered a presentation on the subject and made policy recommendations. Following the presentation, President Xi delivered his remarks and directed government authorities and CPC organistions to improve the way China tells the “world stories about itself, and convince people the ruling party is striving for the happiness of all Chinese people”.

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