Issue Brief on “Climate Change and Its Impact on Pakistan’s Agricultural Sector”


The issue of climate change has long been on the fringes of the global development agenda, yet it is only recently that it has been given the importance that its consequences warrant. The advent of the Paris Agreement ushered in a new age of climate control aimed at reducing environmental degradation, consolidating a concentrated effort by the global powers that be in an attempt to decrease greenhouse gas emissions, as well as prevent global temperatures from rising beyond 2°C of the current benchmark.[1]

As one of its 196 signatories, Pakistan has made efforts to comply with the standards set by the agreement to curb the economic consequences that climate change has presented. Though efforts have been made to rectify the negative implications of climate change on Pakistan’s economy, a lack of proper implementation has resulted in Pakistan performing below-par with regards to its economic output. This brief aims to provide an analysis of sustained efforts by the government in improving Pakistan’s position on climate change, as well as using examples from other countries in an attempt to accelerate both environmental and economic growth.

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