Issue Brief on “Climate Financing: A Way Out for Pakistan”



“Helping Pakistan in climate crisis is ‘not a charity from western countries; the people of Pakistan are paying the price for the industrialization of richer nations.”

 Bilawal Bhutto Zardari; Foreign Minister of Pakistan[1]

Climate change has become an overwhelming force, pressing for immediate action. Unfortunately, many countries face limitations when it comes to taking action and implementing climate-resilient structures, mechanisms, and policies. Globally, Pakistan is among the top ten most climate-vulnerable countries,[2] with a negligible 0.8% of global carbon contribution.[3]

In recent times the economic difference between the climate inducers and sufferers has increased exponentially becoming an issue of concern and altercation between the Global North and Global South. While the contributors – Global North – have the power to take appropriate and timely actions their lack of will have only created friction between the victim countries – Global South – and Pakistan is no exception.

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