Issue Brief on “Floods in Pakistan”


Natural disasters and Climate Change pose a severe threat to the world and Pakistan is no exception. For years, the country has been plagued by disasters like earthquakes, storms, floods, and droughts, which have frequently destroyed the foundations on which the lives of hundreds of thousands of families were constructed. Floods have caused significant devastation to Pakistan throughout history. Almost every monsoon season inundated the country with a large amount of water. However, Pakistan has failed to develop any climate-resilient infrastructure as well as a policy. 

The monsoon of 2022 wreaked  havoc in Pakistan. It received 60 per cent of its average rainfall in just three weeks of July, leading to catastrophic floods, across the country[1]. More than one-third of the country went underwater impacting 33 million people including 8 million homeless; and access to no clean water;[2]with a significant impact on the Southern parts of the country.[3]

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