Issue Brief on “India’s Extrajudicial and Extraterritorial Killings in Pakistan”



On the evening of January 25, 2024, the Foreign Secretary of Pakistan, Syrus Sajjad Qazi unveiled a comprehensive evidence package of India’s extrajudicial and extraterritorial killings in Pakistan.[1] The Foreign Secretary stated: “We have credible evidence of links between Indian agents and the assassination of two Pakistani nationals on Pakistani soil.” Elaborating on the nature of evidence, the Foreign Secretary informed, “we have documentary, financial and forensic evidence of the involvement of the two Indian agents, who masterminded these assassinations.” After Canada and the United States, Pakistan is the third country to expose Indian state-sponsored transnational terrorism publicly within a span of four months, which sheds light on India’s fast-paced and illegal global kill campaign.

Assassination Cases in Pakistan

Disclosing the specifics of India’s sinister global kill campaign, the Foreign Secretary highlighted two cases of assassinations orchestrated by Indian agents. The first case was of Shahid Latif who was assassinated outside a mosque in Sialkot on October 11, 2023, by Muhammad Umair and five target killers on Indian payroll. After investigations based on confessional statements, it was discovered that Muhammad Umair, a labourer in a third country, was recruited by the Indian agent Yogesh Kumar to facilitate connection and communication with Pakistani criminals to trace and assassinate Shahid Latif. After the failure of this plan, Muhammad Umair was himself asked to get the job done with the assistance of five target killers. Pakistan was able to secure evidence of transactions made in the process that also unveiled the chain of events and its perpetrators.

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