Issue Brief on “India’s Offensive Military Preparedness against Pakistan: A Threat to Regional Peace and Stability”


Despite taking into account Pakistan’s efforts to normalize bilateral relations and promote peace and cooperation, the Indian military and government officials are constantly threatening it with the options of launching ‘surgical strikes’ and waging a ‘limited war.’

It is important to note that at this point in time, the Indian military establishment is taking a lead by reflecting their preparedness to dictate their own terms to Pakistan. It also points to another interesting debate that either the Indian military establishment wants to play a more assertive role in their national security decision-making process, or they want to justify their annual defense spending on India’s ageing war machine. However, considering the face value of these threatening postures, it is obvious that India wants to pursue its hegemonic intentions through military means. Preparedness for a stronger defense is the right of every sovereign nation to safeguard its national security; however, preparing for a military offensive would always be detrimental to peace and security. Therefore, any misadventure or imposing of a limited war against a nuclear Pakistan would have  devastating consequences not only for India, but for the entire South Asian region.

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