Issue Brief on “India’s Republic Day: Indo-French Partnership and Implications for Pakistan “


On the occasion of India’s Republic Day on January 26, 2024, French President Emmanuel Macron was invited as chief guest, which further illustrates the growing strategic partnership between India and France. Last year, Prime Minister Modi was hosted by President Macron at the Bastille Day celebrations in Paris on July 14, 2023. While the invitation for President Macron was ostensibly a reciprocal gesture by India, it was also a tactful attempt by New Delhi to maintain India’s illusion of global reputation after U.S. President Joe Biden declined the invitation in wake of the assassination attempt of a Sikh leader by Indian government agents on American soil. During President Macron’s visit to India, some significant deals were concluded to build India as a manufacturing base and expand its footprint in the Indian Ocean Region that could have security implications for Pakistan.

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