Issue Brief on “Nuclear Energy: A Path to Sustainable Development in Pakistan”


Pakistan’s nuclear programme has been the top priority for every government. Many variables were at play that led them to launch the civil nuclear programme, including the fact that it is an affordable, clean energy source and can help achieve sustainable development goals. To that aim, numerous energy experts in Pakistan believe it is essential to lessen reliance on fossil fuels and fully utilise nuclear energy. The energy sector is where peaceful nuclear technology is most frequently used as a cost-effective, clean, and environmentally beneficial energy source. ‎

Pakistan sees nuclear energy as a cheap alternative to meet the country’s rising energy demand in the face of a developing energy crisis and the mounting economic costs of using fossil fuels to manage the energy gap. Coal, natural gas, hydropower, renewable energy sources and nuclear energy make up a sizable portion of Pakistan’s total energy mix.[1] Pakistan has a greater prospect of increasing its energy production from nuclear and renewable sources than hydro, coal and natural gas. As a result, the country is trying to rely more on these sustainable energy options. ‎

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