Issue Brief on “Pakistan Turkiye Ties: The Road Ahead”


Two countries, bound by brotherly ties best define Pakistan Turkiye relations. The year 2022 marks the 75th anniversary of Turkiye – Pakistan relations. Embedded in deep historical, social, cultural and religious bonds, the two countries describe an ideal relationship. Turkiye and Pakistan are two important countries within the Muslim world, who strive for common causes like upholding the rights of Muslims in Palestine and Kashmir, and countering Islamophobia, as well as being the largest refugee hosting countries. Historically, Turkiye and Pakistan have also been a part of the Baghdad Pact of 1955, which called for cooperation between member states regarding security and defence. Pakistan and Turkiye have been important founding members of the OIC, the ECO and D-8, which naturally makes them the natural leaders of the Muslim world.

Extending diplomatic support to each other has also been a defining feature of this relationship, as is evident from the support both have extended to each other on issues such as Kashmir and Northern Cyprus. Interests converge in several areas as the geo strategic location of both the countries is similar. They stand at the crossroads of the Persian Gulf and the Middle East, thus having great potential for regional connectivity and other similar integration initiatives in a world largely moving towards geo-economics.

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