Issue Brief on “Pakistan-Zimbabwe Ties”


Since the independence of Zimbabwe in 1980, Pakistan and Zimbabwe enjoy friendly relations in terms of cultural, political, and defence ties. Given Pakistan’s history of supporting numerous African nations during their struggles for independence, it is noteworthy that Islamabad has committed to “standing by Zimbabwe during its challenging times.” This commitment is demonstrated through ongoing support and assistance, extended in every feasible manner. Even before Zimbabwe’s independence, Pakistan trained Zimbabwean soldiers during the liberation struggle, and since 1983, both countries have been engaged in military and defence cooperation.[1] The “Engage Africa” policy has emerged as a pivotal component aimed at augmenting Pakistan’s outreach to the African continent. This policy encompasses a range of avenues and investment prospects that facilitate robust engagement between Pakistan and Zimbabwe.

The leadership of Zimbabwe is appreciative of the assistance extended during the liberation struggle especially Pakistan’s role in the establishment of its Air Force.[2] In 1983, Pakistan signed a defence agreement with Zimbabwe which was renewed in 2007. During this time, Pakistan also sent several senior military experts to help strengthen and train Zimbabwean’s army. The experts were to be stationed in the country for two years.[3] That is why defence cooperation with Zimbabwe remains an important element of bilateral relations.[4]

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