Issue Brief on “Pakistan’s Aman Exercise”


Pakistan held its ninth multinational naval Exercise from February 10-14, 2023, with 50 countries participating. ‘Aman’ is a multinational naval Exercise, conducted by Pakistan Navy, held in the Arabian Sea every two years. The Exercise includes operations related to anti-piracy, joint maneuvering, rescue operations, naval drills, etc. The Exercise helps participating navies to exchange their experience and knowledge and provides a platform to the participants to nurture their maritime capabilities. It is of immense importance not only for reinforcing regional peace and stability but also for promoting Pakistan’s soft power.

The Aman Exercise has two phases: the Harbour phase; and the Sea phase. The Harbour phase includes activities such as discussions related to operations, sessions and seminars, pre-sail ideas and planning, get-together, international cultural display, and demonstrations at professional level.[1] While the Sea phase comprises activities at the tactical level. It includes operational exercises such as anti-piracy, rescue operations, air defense operations, and counter-terrorism.[2]

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