Issue Brief on “Population Control and Youth Bulge”


In 2023, Pakistan’s population surpassed an astonishing 240 million and is anticipated to further climb to 245 million by July 2024, as per UN projections. [1] Notably, two-thirds of this demographic are aged 24 or below. Two-thirds of this population are aged 24 or under. The phenomenon known as a youth bulge arises when advances in medical care lead to a decline in infant mortality rates, while concurrently, high fertility rates persist. The crucial factor in mitigating this demographic challenge lies in ensuring gainful employment opportunities for young adults entering the workforce. Successful employment for this demographic can effectively reduce a country’s dependency ratio. Conversely, a surge in unproductive youth could transform the youth bulge into a catalyst for social and political unrest. Therefore, addressing Pakistan’s youth employment rate requires focused attention to prevent potential socio-political upheaval.

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