Issue Brief on “Role of Women in UN Peacekeeping”


UN Peacekeeping is an important arm of the United Nations system and one of its most successful flagship activities. In order to maintain a gender balance, women peacekeepers are becoming an important part of UN peacekeeping operations in conflict areas.

In the year 1993, women only constituted one per cent of deployed uniformed personnel. By the year 2014, out of roughly 125,000 peacekeepers, women constituted three per cent of military personnel and ten per cent of police personnel in UN peacekeeping missions around the world.[1] Although the United Nations encourages the participation of women in UN peacekeeping missions, a lot also depends on member states in this regard and whether they encourage women deployment or not. The UN Police Division launched the “Global Effort” to recruit more women in the national police service and also into the UN police operations across the globe.

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