Issue Brief on “Russian Intervention in European and US Elections: An Act of War?”


It has been noticed that Russia has, for quite some time, been accused of meddling with US and European elections. In a classified calculation made on January 6, 2017[1] the US intelligence community made a verdict that Putin ordered an influence campaign in 2016 which was directed towards the US presidential election. This according to American authorities was aimed at Hillary Clinton to destroy her electability and potential to be the president.

 Also it was said that Hillary Clinton’s email was hacked. And for that, Hillary blamed the Russians and FBI director James Comey who has been fired recently.[2] Apart from this, Hillary said that President of Russia ordered hacks of the Democratic Committee emails because he had ‘personal beef’[3] against her. Russia however has denied these accusations and said that the US claims that Russia hacked the official emails are baseless and without any solid evidence. Kremlin has further said that such accusations are ‘indecent.’[4]

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