Issue Brief on “Sino-Nepali Military Drills 2017: Challenging Indian influence in South Asia?”


A ten-day joint military exercises, code-named “Sagarmatha friendship 2017” (Nepali name for Mount Everest), commenced in Nepal from April 16-25 in Nepal Army’s Maharajgunj-based Training School in Kathmandu.[1] The basic aim of this military drill was to prepare to counter the threat of terrorism which is looming at an ever increasing rate all around the region.

According to officials from the Nepali Army, this was a:  “Military drill organized by two countries as a part of their preparedness against terrorism that has posed a serious threat globally.” [2] The most interesting aspect of this military drill codenamed “Pratikar-1” was that it focused more on training Nepali soldiers in dealing with hostage scenarios involving international terror groups.[3] This was the first time that China offered a joint military exercise which was accepted by Nepal. Before this, the Nepali army has long been conducting military exercises with both the American and Indian Army.

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