Issue Brief on “The Qatar-Gulf Rift: Impacts on the Migrant Community”


In June 2017, several countries, spearheaded by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt severed diplomatic ties and cut off sea and air links with Qatar, accusing it of supporting “extremism” and their regional rival, Iran.

On June 23, a list of thirteen demands were made by the anti-terror quadrant for ending the crisis. These included shutting down Al Jazeera and other media outlets they claimed were being funded by Qatar; downgrading diplomatic ties with Iran; severing ties with “terrorist organizations,” including the Muslim Brotherhood; and paying reparations to other Gulf countries for “loss of life” and “other financial losses” resulting from Qatar’s policies.

Qatar, however, did not accept these demands and the matter is currently at a stalemate with several countries offering to mediate but none of the opposing sides willing to yield.

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