Issue Brief on “The State of Climate Change Services 2021: Water – Report Takeaways”


The recently released report by the World Meteorological Organization, titled “The State of Climate Change Services 2021: Water” paints a grim picture of the issue of water availability around the globe. The report presents an eye-opening account about the decline in the annual water availability along with terrestrial water shortage. While more than 70 percent of the earth’s body is covered in water, yet only 0.5 percent is usable and fresh for human consumption. Water is the prime source for not only sustainable development but also a prerequisite for climate change compliance. With the disruptive weather patterns due to climate change and the unpredictability of water-related disasters such as monsoon and flash floods, drinkable water scarcity and contamination of water are the two most alarming water-related issues enough to bring about the existential crisis as well as increased competition for water, even conflict.[1]The report earmarks Pakistan along with other countries in Asia at risk due to the continuation of extreme, water-related events as well as displacements due to extreme rainfall and massive flooding.[2]

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