Issue Brief on “Trump-Xi Summit: Future Trajectory of Sino-US Relations”


Mar-a-Lago huddle between Trump and Xi Jinping in April 2017 is a continuation of Trump’s efforts to get a better deal from China. Since the election campaign, Trump has been using China’s vulnerable points as a bargain chip.  And since then, he has been failing in getting any of the desired outcomes. 

Amidst a very cheerful dinner between the two world leaders, the US missile strikes on Syria was a message to President Xi Jinping that the United States could strike North Korea if it wanted to. The problem is that Trump’s tactics based on ‘Madman Theory’ are not working.  Trump failed to realize that there is a difference between unpredictability, tweetable Shenanigans, incoherence, and deliverable policy goals in the areas of American retreat like Syria and Afghanistan.

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