Issue Brief on “Trump’s Executive Orders Bans Refugees From Multiple Muslim Countries”


Soon after taking office on January 20, 2017 President Trump and his administration has started to unveil his policies. President Trump as he puts it, is committed towards bridging new ideas and approaches to the old existing US foreign policies. According to President Trump, his polices, whether it includes building a wall on its border with Mexico to potentially bringing back banned torture techniques will make America great again. His first week in the oval office, however, has been characterised as chaotic while he moved back and suspended many policies which were directed under the Obama Administration.

Nonetheless, certain traits of his foreign policy, as well as idea to make America great again has come under great criticism not only from within the US, but also globally. In an attempt to stay true to one of the promises he made during his campaign, President Donald Trump proposed a ban for three months on several, if not all, Muslim counties. The countries that face the ban include: Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen. He issued a draft of executive orders, which included and proposed a strenuous visa vetting process on certain Muslim countries which according to him either sponsor terrorism or help terrorism grow and incubate in the US. However, as of now Pakistan along with Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan are not in the list of the countries that will face the ban, but the idea of pick and drop and selection at will of countries can be expected. While justifying his move, President Trump stated that it is not a ban on all the Muslim countries, but only on those whom he classifies as “a total mess,” and “the countries that have tremendous terror”. On the eve of his first TV interview, President Trump justified his approach and at the same time criticised Europe for making a tremendous mistake by letting the refugees come in.

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