Issue Brief on “United Nations Response to the Ongoing Conflict in Palestine”


Gaza, the Palestinian enclave home to over 2.2 million people, has been subjected to a comprehensive blockade imposed by Israel since the year 2007. This blockade encompasses various forms of restrictions including control over airspace, land borders, and maritime access. The Gaza Strip is increasingly becoming a land of violations of the laws of war by Israel as it deprives its population of food and medicine, electricity and fuel, conducts attacks on hospitals, and uses white phosphorous bombs in killing civilian population. In the first week of the invasion, Israel dropped 6000 bombs on Gaza, weighing 4000 tonnes.[1]

The ‘war crimes’ in Gaza by Israel have left the world more divided — especially in the aftermath of the complete blockade of food, water, and vital services put in place by Israel.[2] The United Nations has expressed strong reservations and concerns about Israel’s attacks on Gaza over the years, as the situation is complex and subject to ongoing developments. United Nations has repeatedly called upon the parties for restraint, protection of civilians, and cease-fire.

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