Issue Brief on “United States Strategy to Prevent Conflict and Promote Stability- 2020”


The US Department of State released a report titled, ‘US Strategy to Prevent Conflict and Promote Stability,’[1] on December 18, 2020 that sets forth a framework to stabilize the conflict-affected areas, prevent conflicts and address global fragility by following the course of action it set in the Global Fragility Act (GFA) of 2019.[2] 

The report also takes its premise from the National Security Strategy that came out in 2017[3] during President Trump’s term and talks about the shared vision of US and its allies. The overseeing of GFA implementation is led by the State Department in close collaboration with the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Department of Defense. The purpose of the new strategy is to develop and structure a wholesome approach by the government and its different departments and agencies in order to primarily change the way Washington plans to prevent fragility and stabilize existing conflicts.

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