Issue Brief on “Use of Internet and Banned Outfits in Pakistan”


Technology, particularly the growing use of internet is one of the important strategic factor which is now being utilized by terrorists organizations for many purposes. A wide range of purposes served through internet by terrorists organizations includes recruitment, propaganda, training, financing and acts of terrorism. Beside the many benefits of internet, it is also used to facilitate communication within terrorists organizations. For communication, either between terrorists groups or their contact with the society at large, social media is used as a tool by proscribed organizations in Pakistan.

Proscribed organizations in Pakistan are promoting tactics of propaganda which is tailored to appeal to vulnerable and marginalized groups in the society. The process of recruitment through Facebook or social media becomes very easy when they target the individual’s sentiments of injustice, lawlessness, corruption and humiliation. Other than this, demographic compulsions such as age and gender are also exploited in this regard.

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