Issue Brief on “World Leaders Summit on Climate: A Step in the Right Direction”


President Biden rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement on his first day of presidency[1] and formally re-entered the treaty one month later. Delivering on his commitment towards climate change within his 100 days in Oval Office,[2] the Biden administration invited 40 nations and convened a two-days virtual World Leader Summit on Climate from April 22-23, 2021.[3] The summit facilitated the signatories of Paris Accord to set their targets for National Determined Contribution (NDC) that they announced at the Summit.

The US took the lead and announced to cut its carbon emission to 50% by 2030 while moving towards net-zero emission by 2050.[4] The top emitters and big economies such as the UK and European Union (EU) also announced to reduce the emission to 65% and 55% respectively and said that they will achieve net-zero emission by 2050.[5]In the summit, Japan and Canada set the target of 46% and 40—45% reduction in carbon emission with the intention to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.[6]

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