Issue Brief “The Utility of the OIC in Solving Conflicts in the Muslim World”


“All Member States shall settle their disputes through peaceful means and refrain from use or threat of use of force in their relations”

This is part of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Charter.

But, is this being adhered to?

The OIC does have a stand. It issues statements and holds regular meetings.  There is no doubt that the organisation is active. But its effectiveness is questionable.

In the current setting of today’s world, states have sought international forums in which they can defend and protect their interests. In so doing, they have paved the way for the emergence of international organisations of a regional nature having quite different goals and whose geographic, political and economic diversity speaks for itself, for example: the Arab League, the African Union and the Arab Maghreb Union. However, none has managed to bring together all the Islamic States of the world. The only one that has taken Islam as the agglutinating element of the organisation, regardless of any geographic and cultural characteristics, is the OIC.

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