Pakistan-Afghanistan Relations: Post 2014 Challenges (Article)



With the war in Afghanistan spanning over 13 years coming to an inconclusive end, the three multiple transition processes (security, political and economic) have begun. Afghan security forces are assuming greater responsibility and leadership in the country along with the formation of a new political setup. Despite gains from the last decade, Afghanistan continues to be challenged by a plethora of problems, and is far from being stable. Afghanistan will continue to present challenges to the international community, its region and its neighbouring states, particularly Pakistan. Given its proximity to Afghanistan and its involvement in the war against terrorism (now referred to as the ‘overseas contingency operations’), Pakistan is perhaps the most important regional player that has always been directly affected by events in that country. Although the challenges Afghanistan faces are domestic in nature, they have a direct impact on Pakistan as they, among others, stem from the porous nature of the Pak-Afghan border. Therefore, in such a scenario, a macro-level assessment of security risks that Pakistan may face in the aftermath of the withdrawal is essential.

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