PRESS RELEASE – “Shared Peace, Security & Prosperity: Afghanistan-Pakistan Bilateral” Track II Dialogue



Shared Peace, Security & Prosperity: Afghanistan-Pakistan Bilateral” Track II Dialogue
July 28, 2022

Today, the Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad (ISSI) at CAMEA and the Heart of Asia Society (HAS), Kabul, jointly held the fourth in the series of bilateral dialogues, titled ‘Shared Peace, Security & Prosperity: Afghanistan-Pakistan Bilateral Track II Dialogue.’

The dialogue consisted of two sessions; ‘An Assessment of Taliban’s One Year in Power and Afghanistan-Pakistan Trade and Transit Relations.

Both sides acknowledged that maintaining a dialogue in challenging times is crucial and highlighted the broader consensus on regional economic connectivity. It was stated that despite the consensus, more focused and deeper debate and analysis of the economic connectivity has been missing. Participants urged to create the space for a dialogue focused on trade that would serve the interest of both countries. Balance in trade is critical, and while acknowledging the humanitarian crisis, and the problem of counterterrorism, participants agreed to explore trade and transit opportunities more closely. Participants also highlighted the absence of civil society and insisted on greater cooperation and connectivity between the civil society in both countries to work for a more prosperous and peaceful region.