Report-German Media Delegation


On September 20 2015, a five-member German Media Delegation visited the Institute of Strategic Studies (ISSI). Members of the delegation included: Daniel Dylan Peter Bohmer, Foreign Policy and Security Correspondent at ‘Die Welt’ and ‘Welt am Sonntag’, Alexandra Katharina von  Nahmen, Senior Security Correspondent, at Deutsche Welle, Sabina Mathay, Editor & Presenter at “Zwolfzweiundzwanzig”, Inforadio, RBB, Berlin (Weekly Radio Show), Naomi Conrad, Political Correspondent Berlin Bureau, Deutsche Welle and Ingrid Muller, Managing Editor at Der Tagesspiegel. The in-house meeting had an open agenda, and the session was interactive in nature with a candid exchange of views between the member of the delegation and the research staff. Being an issue of regional security, Pakistan-Afghan relations were discussed at length. The delegates raised questions about the relationship, the border dispute and recent actions taken by the government of Pakistan for border management. Responding to the queries, Amina Khan, Research Fellow, explained the several initiatives taken by the government of Pakistan in order to resolve the border dispute between the two countries. She said that in order to closely monitor the movement of people at the border, Pakistan has suggested several solutions over the years. From 2006 to date, Pakistan has built fences, installed a biometric system at the Chaman Border, and recently constructed a gate at the Torkham border. All these efforts have been met with an icy response from Afghanistan which has refused to cooperate time and again, over the years.

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