Report – In-house meeting with 5-Member Chinese Media Delegation


The Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad (ISSI) held an In-House Meeting with a 5-member Media Delegation from China on July 30, 2018. The members of the delegation included: Mr. Yu Lintao, Beijing Review; Mr. Wang Cong, The Global Times; Ms. Peijuan Ji, People’s Daily; Ms. Li Huiru, China Org; and Ms. Wang Ping, World Tourism Pictorial.

Welcoming the delegation, the Director General ISSI, Ambassador Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry gave an overview of Pakistan’s foreign and security policies, regional security environment and great power competition. Commenting on Pakistan’s relations with India, Ambassador Aizaz stated that difficulties with India go back to the time of partition in 1947 which brought up issues like division of assets, water, and financial dues leading to hostility between the two countries. It was also the time when the Kashmir issue commenced, with part of territory liberated from Indian occupying forces, while the rest is still under occupation of India. Thus, Pakistan’s priority became survival with focus on ensuring security. Wars have been fought between the two countries and peace processes have also taken place, but mistrust has not been bridged. Pakistan has informed India time and again that it seeks peace but it cannot compromise on sovereignty, territorial integrity and dignity.

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