Report – In-House Meeting with “Dr Barnett R. Rubin”


The Centre for Afghanistan, Middle East & Africa (CAMEA) at the Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad (ISSI) had an In-House meeting with Dr Barnett R. Rubin,  Senior Fellow at Center on International Cooperation, Non-Resident Fellow at Quincy Institute  and a leading expert on Afghanistan and South Asia.

The distinguished guests included: Ambassador Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry, Director General  ISSI; Ambassador Khalid Mahmood , Chairman BOG ISSI;Ms Amina Khan, Director CAMEA, Ambassador Tariq Azizuddin; Ambassador Masood Khalid; Lt. Gen. Sabahat; Mr Hassan Khan; Ambassador Ayaz Wazir; Ambassador Aziz Ahmad Khan; Admiral Tahir; Mr Taimur Shamil; Mr Oves Anwar and Mr Hashim Pashtoon.

The topic on the agenda was the evolving situation in Afghanistan.

In his welcome remarks, Ambassador Chaudhry said that the most burning topic for the region is Afghanistan and there is a feeling that the new political reality in Afghanistan is not being accepted by the world. The humanitarian situation is dire and there is an economic collapse happening as well, he said.

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