Report – In-House Meeting with Maldives Media Delegation


Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad (ISSI) held an In-House Meeting with a 3-member Media Delegation from Maldives on June 17, 2019. Members of the Maldivian delegation included: Mr. Waheed Ibrahim, Mr. Farooq Mohamed Hassan and Ms. Zihnath Hassan.

Mr. Najam Rafique, Director Research welcomed the delegation and introduced himself and the South Asian team at the institute, Mr. Majid Mahmood, Research Associate and Ms. Shahroo Malik, Research Associate. Ms. Malik, gave a brief introduction of the Institute, its working and contribution to the strategic discourse and issues relevant to Pakistan.

Mr. Najam Rafique apprised the delegation on the strategic environment in South Asia and the Indian Ocean region. He said that due to growing geopolitical rivalry between China and US, the Indo-Pacific region has seen significant activities in recent years. He added that important sea lines of communication pass through the Indian Ocean and Maldives is strategically placed in that region.

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