Issue Brief on “Resolution of Kashmir Issue: A Key to Indo-Pak Relations”


Bilateral relations between India and Pakistan have always been subject to hurdles and turmoil. At the heart of these turbulent relations, Kashmir has been the core issue between the two nuclear armed neighbours. The wars that took place between Pakistan and India, the main reason behind them have always been Kashmir (implicitly or explicitly).

The Chief of Indian National Investigation Authority (NIA) on Thursday, June 2, 2016, while talking to an international news agency, revealed that there was no evidence of Pakistan’s involvement in Pathankot attack. The Indian government used the Pathankot attack as an excuse to call off the Foreign Secretary level meeting to discuss modalities regarding the Comprehensive Bilateral Dialogue (CBD). The Jammu & Kashmir dispute, as an integral part of agenda matter, was to be discussed during the dialogue along with Siachen, Sir Creek, counter terrorism, peace and security. India has subjected to such escapist manoeuvres time and again to avoid discussing the Kashmir dispute with Pakistan.

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