Speech by H.E. Mr. Istvan Szabo, Ambassador of Hungary on “Pakistan-Hungary Relations” at ISSI


Pakistan-Hungary Relations

26th July 2016, ISSI

Historical Background:

Let me start by presenting you the background and the basis of our relationship  which goes back well beyond the 21st or even the 20” centuries. In 2015 we  celebrated the 50+ anniversary of our Diplomatic Relations which is a period of  just half a century. Nevertheless I would like to emphasize the + plus which helps you understand that our relations have a long history.

Our two countries are set apart by thousands of miles, high mountains, massive  rivers, yet, the pull of the mystic East brought many outstanding Hungarians, travellers, linguists, archeologists, orientalists, anthropologists to the land of  the Indus in the course of the past centuries. They immersed in the unusually  rich culture and history, studied the diverse languages, conducted archeological  and anthropological research, helped to develop famous local institutes of higher education and made a valuable contribution to introducing the subcontinent to the European public.

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