The Wrong Enemy: America in Afghanistan, 2001-2014. Carlotta Gall. Gurgaon: Penguin Books, 2014. Pp. 329. (Book Review)


Even as America wraps up its ‘long war’ in Afghanistan, it has failed to completely wipe out the Al-Qaeda and other terrorist outfits operating in that country. Many in the US, including the late Richard C. Holbrooke, US Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan were of the opinion that “we may be fighting the wrong enemy in the wrong country.” Carlotta Gall, a British journalist, who covered Afghanistan and Pakistan for The New York Times during 2001-2014 has picked up on Holbrooke’s remarks for the title of her latest book ‘The Wrong Enemy: America in Afghanistan: 2001-2014’ published by Penguin Books in 2014.

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