Strategic Human Resource Development: Investing in Balochistan’s Blue Economy



Human resource development falls under a state’s primary responsibilities. Educated and skilled human resources are not only an asset but also a prerequisite to the progress of the state. Pakistan, with a vast coastline, has immense potential to boost its economy through exploring its maritime resources as base of the Blue Economy. Balochistan, the largest province of Pakistan while being rich in natural and maritime resources, makes a strong candidate for investing in the Blue Economy. Unfortunately, the province, despite its natural riches, has not flourished because of insufficient and inefficient faulty policies at all levels. The purpose of this paper is to analyse the maritime potential of Pakistan in general, and Balochistan in particular, while linking it with viable policies in relation to Strategic Human Resource Development (SHRD). By adopting the SHRD and formulating effective policies, Pakistan can bring its largest yet most backward province into the national mainstream by investing in the Blue Economy.

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