Issue Brief on “Prospects of Resumption of US-North Korea Nuclear Talks”


North Korea is building up its military capabilities. It has conducted a series of missile tests in 2022 that have caught international attention and are a source of concern for the US and Japan. While on the other hand, continued economic sanctions on North Korea are further deepening the economic crisis in the country. Earlier, North Korea and the US failed to undergo negotiations after the failure of the Hanoi summit, which was held between Trump and Kim Jong-un in February 2019. Unfortunately, the Biden administration’s approach to engaging North Korea is also not working out. There are concerns that if the US fails to restart denuclearisation talks with North Korea, there would be serious consequences for regional and international security.

North Korea conducted 10 tests in 2022. It also conducted its third hypersonic missile test. This type of weapon is less vulnerable to interception because it manoeuvres close to the surface of the earth and traverses laterally. In addition, it can also achieve more than five times the speed of sound, which is about 6,200 km/h.[1]

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