1. Saudi ‘exit’ from Kabul sparks fears of exodus
2. ‘Turkmenistan interested to import Herat’s marble’
3. Turkiye, UAE to reduce missions in Afghanistan over ‘security concerns’
4. Saudi diplomats leave Afghanistan, relocate to Pakistani capital -sources
5. Dollars Smuggled From Pakistan Provide Lifeline for the Taliban


Taliban administration to send earthquake aid to Turkey, Syria
7. Pakistan Kills 12 ‘Terrorists’ Tied to Afghanistan-Based Group

Middle East



Satellite images show scale of destruction in Turkey-Syria quake


Gwadar to get 100MW more from Iran shortly


Tensions brew between Tehran and the IAEA over nuclear plant
11. Turkey’s Ceyhan oil terminal, Iraq’s KRG pipeline halted after quake
12. Pakistan, Egypt agree to enhance academic linkages
13. Iran keen to strengthen bilateral trade, economic ties: diplomat


14. Pak-Ethiopia trade ties discussed
15. Zimbabwe to start operating new coal power unit by March
16. UN revises toll from DR Congo’s Kishishe massacre to 171
17. South Africa’s President Admits Power Crisis Is Hurting Mining