1. Pakistan, Iran see Afghanistan-based terror groups as ‘serious threat’ to global security

2. Turkmenistan’s Afghanistan Policy: Balancing Risks and Untapped Opportunities

3. US condemns Taliban’s reign of terror in Afghanistan

4. Pakistan suffers more due to Afghan problem than wars with India: Ambassador Durrani

5. Afghanistan’s economy in crisis: World Bank report reveals dire situation



Taliban govt joins climate change talks for first time

7. Small businesses a lifeline for Afghan women facing Taliban restrictions

8. 250,000 Afghan children need education, food and homes after returning from Pakistan, says NGO

9. Afghanistan’s Taliban requests invite to OIC Banjul summit

Middle East



Industrialists urge action on Pak-Iran trade targeting $10b



Oil prices fall as US business activity cools, concerns over Middle East ease



Biden says Israel must allow aid to Palestinians ‘without delay’

13. Feature: Turkish investors flock to gold amid Middle East turmoils

14. Iran cuts Syria presence after strikes blamed on Israel: monitor

15. Pakistan and Iran call on UN Security Council to curb Israel’s hostile behavior in Middle East

16. War on Gaza: Germany to resume funding Unrwa in Gaza

17. Jamaica formally recognises Palestine as a state


18. West Africa’s Sahel becoming a drug trafficking corridor, UN warns

19. Devastating flooding in east Africa claims dozens of lives and displaces thousands

20. Process raw materials in Africa, urges top environmentalist

21. OPEC Offers Support to African Oil Exploration Hot Spot Namibia