A Critical Study of Press Freedom on Foreign Policy and Indo-Pak Relations in Pakistan



In Pakistan, freedom of press has long been a subject of intense debate. Both the political and non-political governments adopted various legal and constitutional means to regulate the press in the milieu of public debate and criticism. With this view, the current study aims to measure the extent to which the press enjoyed freedom in Pakistan over strategic issues like foreign policy and Indo-Pak relations during civil and military governments. Based on the theoretical framework of agenda-setting coupled with framing, the study also examines the ways and means by which the print media influence the public opinion on foreign policy and Indo-Pak relations. It also takes into account how media agenda transforms into public agenda. The results of the study depict a mixed trend for press freedom. However, one thing remains common that the press enjoyed freedom when new governments commenced whether it was headed by civil leadership or military and this freedom would gradually curtail towards the end of their tenure.

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