1. UNDP: Millions Face Economic Challenges in Afghanistan
2. No US strike in Afghanistan since last year’s pullout
3. World can end ‘downward humanitarian spiral’ of Afghanistan
4. China holds multinational meetings to discuss Afghanistan
5. Nearly 1,400 Afghans granted emergency visas never made it to Australia
6. NGOs voice ‘grave concern’ over vulnerable people still trapped in Afghanistan
7. General Qamar Bajwa, Zalmay Khalilzad discuss regional security
8. Sanctions fueling Afghan crisis: says Gen. Bajwa
9. OIC, US and Iran Praise Poppy Ban in Afghanistan
10. TAPI project to resume after land acquisition, official
 11.IEA Supreme Leader visits Kandahar air force command
 12.Taliban Outlaw Opium Poppy Cultivation in Afghanistan
13. Officials: WHO, UNICEF Fund Over 70% of Health Centers
14. Six People Wounded in Blast in Kabul
15.Kabul Has Received 20 Cash-Aid Packages: Central Bank
Middle East
16. Mines kill, injure more than 500 children in Iraq: UN
17. Israel and UAE agree on ‘milestone’ free trade deal
18. Biden rebuffed as US relations with Saudi Arabia and UAE hit new low
19. Turkey to ‘increase its share’ in EU steel imports
20. Turkey to appoint ambassador to Egypt, ending nine-year standoff
21. ‘Trying to survive’: Syrian fuel smugglers defy deadly crackdown
22. Lebanon’s economic crash leaves prisoners forgotten with little medical care
23. Yemen: two-month ceasefire begins with hopes for peace talks
24. Jordan’s Prince Hamza renounces royal title, protesting policies
25.A ‘hidden’ Covid rule is hitting travel in South Africa
26.Fitch revises Kenya outlook to negative on General Election hiccups
27.Mali: ECOWAS leaders meet in Accra to debate sanctions
26.Somali intelligence says Al-Shabab plans to target president, PM