1. Afghan Taliban request Fazl to mediate between Kabul and Islamabad

2. Taliban’s Energy Project Threatens Pakistan’s Water Supply

3. Muttaqi: Islamic Emirate Controls All Territory in Afghanistan

4. Pakistan Warns Afghan Taliban against Protecting TTP Militants

5. Iran, Afghanistan Seek Resolutions on Migration and Border Issues

6. Afghanistan Boosts Russian Oil Imports, Trade Amid Banking Sanctions

7. Afghan ties, Gaza to feature in envoys’ moot

8. Pak, TTP were close to a deal, claims Afghan FM

Middle East

9. Sharjah bans New Year’s Eve firework displays in support of Gaza

10. Iraqi prominent Shiite leaders: American forces must leave the country

11. Qatar, US to expand defence partnership: Austin

12. Explosion of crude oil pipeline in Safer, Marib

13. Israeli strike in Syria kills Iranian commander, Iran says

14. China continues to make efforts for peace in Middle East: spokesperson

15. Israel says military has expanded Gaza offensive into refugee camps


16. Sudan in ‘total panic’ as paramilitaries move South

17. Ethiopia becomes Africa’s latest sovereign

default   IMF Warns Africa of Econo

18. IMF Warns Africa of Economic Vulnerabilities as China’s Economy Slows

19. Reimagining Africa’s role in revitalizing the global economy