1. China Hopes Kabul Further Responds to Intl Expectations

2. WB to resume work on projects including CASA-1000

3. Border authorities resolve Torkham signboard dispute

4. Pakistan Says 450,000 Undocumented Afghans Returned Home

5. Pakistan’s top court hears petition to halt deportations of Afghans

6. Key Pakistani-Afghan border crossing closed after dispute over gate construction

7.  Afghan Insurgent Groups Step Up Attacks, Political Campaign Against Taliban

8. China says Afghan Taliban must reform before full diplomatic ties

9. Three US officials arriving this week to discuss Afghan issues

10. Afghan Taliban Says China Becomes First Nation to Accept Its Ambassador

Middle East

11. Israeli settler violence brings destruction and fear to West Bank as war rages

12. How Israel is squeezing 1.8 million Palestinians into an airport-sized area

13. Lebanon army says one soldier killed in Israeli shelling on border post

14. Putin makes rare trip to Middle East to meet with UAE and Saudi leaders

15. ​ Qatar, Pakistan review investment ties

16. Iraq, Saudi Arabia sign partnership agreement in industrial investments

17. Iran hails capsule launch as step towards human spaceflight

18. Qatar emir condemns ‘genocide’ in Gaza, urges ceasefire at GCC summit


19. ​ UN and African Union sign new human rights agreement

20. War in Sudan: Negotiations reach deadlock

21. Impala Platinum mine accident in South Africa kills 11

22. Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger look to form a federation