1. Taliban releases Austrian far-right activist held in Afghanistan

2. Taliban Allow Female Enrolment in State-Run Medical Institutes, Official Media Says

3. Blinken threatened with contempt of Congress over Afghanistan documents

4. Ottawa rejects Taliban request for Afghanistan’s Canadian Embassy

5. Afghan Fund Untapped in Switzerland, Taliban Make No Demand

6. Islamic Emirate Reacts to Miller’s Statements about Durand Line

7.  Muttaqi, Muradov talk rail, TAPI pipeline projects

8. Haqqani Emphasizes Implementation of Islamic Law

9. Over 100 Afghan migrants detained by Turkish Coast Guard en route to Greece

10. Af-Pak trade via Chaman resumes after 5 months

Middle East

11. Hamas, Fatah and other Palestinian factions ‘to meet’ in Moscow

12. Global industry leaders to descend on Riyadh for entertainment, amusement summit, expo

13. Israeli jets bomb eastern Lebanon for the first time since Gaza war began

14. How Israel’s war on Gaza is bleeding Egypt’s economy

15. ​​ ‘Deepening occupation’: Turkey condemns Israel on last day of ICJ hearing

16. Egypt draws up plans for south Sinai land after UAE investment deal

17. Qatar and Egypt ‘will help form new Palestinian technocratic government’

18. Pak-Iran gas pipeline: Cabinet defers plan to appeal against US sanctions


19. South African rand firms against weaker dollar

20. Senegal leader announces amnesty bill to end fresh turmoil

21. On the border: Sudan conflict forces thousands to flee to Ethiopia

22. Zimbabwe fights illegal settlers on state land ‘sold’ after being seized from white farmers

23. Djibouti steps up coast guard patrols amidst the Red sea crisis