1. Islamic Emirate Army Chief: US Controls Afghan Airspace\
2. Afghan defense minister attends ‘very important’ Doha maritime conference
3. UNSC to Meet on Afghanistan on Wednesday: Faiq
4. Industrialists to pay 1pc duty on raw material imports
5. UN rights Chief stresses priority of women’s rights in Afghanistan engagement
6. Mujahid, acting defense minister, meets Qatari counterpart
7. Turkmenistan pledges to increase power, gas exports to Afghanistan: Muttaqi
8. NGOs can freely operate in Afghanistan following principles: deputy PM
9. European Union Pledges New Financial Aid for Afghanistan
10. Taliban Returns Its ‘Eye For An Eye’ Justice To Afghanistan


11. The South African election campaign season marks a shift to a volatile new politics

12. Haitian PM’s Whereabouts Unknown Since He Signed Bilateral Deal With Kenya

13. Sudanese democracy should not be US-made

14. Ehiopia’s Economic Crisis Is A Cautionary Tale For Pakistan

15. A new home for the African diaspora in Ghana stirs tensions

16. Senegal vote date still in limbo after deadly unrest

17. US sanctions Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa over alleged abuses

Middle East

18. Saudi non-oil exports to GCC nations surge by 42% to hit $5.55bn
19. Islamic Resistance in Iraq group targets chemical depot in Haifa

20. Israeli tanks have deliberately run over dozens of Palestinian civilians alive

21. Turkey detains seven suspected of selling information to israel’s mossad

22. Executions in iran hit 8-year high in 2023

23. Five SAS soldiers arrested in uk on suspicion of alleged war crimes in syria

24. Talks on ending lebanon-israel border hostilities to begin in ramadan, lebanese pm says

25. Egypt sentences top leaders of the muslim brotherhood to death